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     Ayia Napa is a typical party resort for young adults located at the far eastern end of the southern coast of Cyprus. If you're a parent or just looking for a relaxing holiday in Cyprus I would not recommend Ayia Napa. Instead choose a more family-friendly resort, for example Protaras. I went to Napa in June 2014 with my two best friends, and to be quite honest with you I was disappointed, this town is definitely not as good as some people portray it to be. I would strongly advise to visit Ayia Napa in June, as the holiday prices are much cheaper, and the outcome is adequate to the cost.

     The temperature in June was pleasant, not too hot but not cold at all. The sea water was clean and warm, perfect for long swimming sessions. I literally would stay in the sea forever if I could, so if you're a bit of a sea lover like me, Napa is a place for you. The Sun in Napa is weird, instead of getting a tan, you're most likely to burn yourself at first, so be equipped in the sun creams before heading off for your holiday.

     When choosing a hotel, it is best to look for one around the Paradisos Beach. The beach itself is clean and well-maintained. Further to this, it is situated near the harbour, with easy access to the boat party and taverns.

     The Macronissos Beach situated on the other side of Napa is much less enjoyable, as it is dirty. In addition, it is based far away from the town centre and most tourist attractions, therefore if you choose to stay in this region of Ayia Napa, be prepared to spend some additional funds on taxis. On the other hand, it is right next to the famous Water Park.

     Of course, the beach you have to see at least once whilst in Napa is the Nissi Beach. It is simply beautiful. It was worth to travel to Napa purely to see this beach.The visual aspect of this place is admired throughout the world, hence why the beach is always full, so don't be surprised if you won't be able to find a spot for your towel .

     At the Nissi Beach there is a rocky area, an ideal spot to take amazing photos. However, the rocks are very slippy, remember to stay safe at all times.

     Personally I stayed at a 2* property Diomylos Apartments. This hotel is sold by Olympic Holidays solely. It offers self-catering accommodation only, however there is a bar open 24/7. It also has a swimming pool, where you can chill if you're hangover and not in a state to walk over to the beach. The apartment we got given was spacious, double storey, with two balconies. The cleaner was not persistent and did not do her job well. Do not stay in this hotel to avoid disappointment.

     There are many bars and restaurants around which offer free Wi-Fi, so you will be able to keep up to date with your social media. Whilst in Cyprus I would recommend trying some traditional Greek cuisine, it is delicious!

     Nightlife is definitely the most important part of Napa holiday. I would recommend the Castle Club which offers three different rooms with a variety of music, so that there is something for everyone. If you're more of an RnB lower, Black and White club is the place for you. Be sure to get friendly with your reps, who will be able to advise you on special entrance deals.

     I would strongly recommend visiting the Ambassaden Bar. It offers a great range of delightful cocktails, the bar staff is always friendly, and there is a dance floor, where you can dance to chart music. A great place to start your night off.

     Boat party is overpriced and overrated. It costs 50euro and drinks are not included. Further to this, there is a 'police man' on board who is brazenly trying to hook you up with a stranger because he clearly thinks that only hoes come to Napa. To top it all off, there is a striptease show towards the end. It was the most disgusting thing I have experienced. A forty-year-old, unattractive man is literally going all the way. Again, if you're not prepared for this, just make sure you don't find yourself in an inappropriate place at the wrong time. On the bright side, whilst on the boat party, you can enjoy the view of some amazing landscapes, and swim in the ocean.

     An event you cannot miss is the Kandi Beach Party! Every Friday at Macronissos Beach there is a massive gig with all inclusive drinks and music stars. I got lucky to see Skepta and Wiley live. It was awesome! Unlimited drinks may get a little bit out of hand if you don't know your limits, so just make sure you suddenly won't get your consciousness back when the party is over and you're in a hurry to catch the last bus back to the town centre ;)

     There are loads of souvenir shops, try to explore those further from town centre, as they tend to be cheaper. Don't forget to take a photo next to a big 'Ayia Napa' writing before leaving. 

     Overall, Napa is a good holiday destination but I would not be looking to re-visit. The atmosphere is too crazy for me, so if you do not consider yourself a party animal, do not travel to Ayia Napa. You will constantly be approached by people trying to have sex with you or sell you some laughing gas. The nightlife is not as good as people make it out to be. It may be if you're eighteen, on your first vacation without your parents and have not experienced clubbing before. Nissi Beach is definitely something you have to see at least once in your lifetime, it is gorgeous. If you want to go to Napa, find yourself a good deal in June or September and enjoy it as much as you can. I paid £229 for flights and accommodation for two weeks. Everything is expensive down there, so make sure you have sufficient funds to last you over your holiday period. Don't expect too much from it, and you might find that Napa will pleasantly surprise you :)

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