Wednesday, 30 December 2015


     I went to Paris to celebrate my 16th birthday. Although it was the beginning of September, it was very warm and sunny, just the perfect weather for some sight-seeing!

     The tourist attraction you've got to visit when in Paris is obviously the Eiffel Tower. The view on Paris from the second floor is simply amazing! The white architecture looks magical, a real breath-taking view! Although the queue for the tickets is always very long, it is definitely worth the wait. And if you get hungry, I recommend buying fries from a chippy stand next door. Ticket prices for the Eiffel Tower entrance vary between €7,00 and €11,00.

     The Eiffel Tower looks just as nice at night, when it is all lit up with lights, so make sure to check it out, whilst out on an evening walk ;)

     In a convenient place, right opposite the Eiffel Tower you'll be able to find the Gardens of the Trocadero, which look absolutely stunning! 

     Another place you've got to see is the Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile. The Triumphal Arch honours those who fought and died in the French Revolutionary. It's a really nice piece of architecture and a perfect spot for some photos.

     Whether you're making it a family trip or you're a bit of a kid yourself, you should go to the Disneyland Paris Resort and enjoy some rides. I would especially recommend the spaceship ride, which is a roller-coaster with a 360 degrees turn! Be patient though, when visiting Disneyland at peak time, be prepared to wait around 60-80 minutes in a queue for a ride that lasts about 3 mins! The resort is divided into two parks, and there is no way you will be able to go through all the attractions within one day. 

     When the sun goes down, Paris is still alive so don't be afraid to walk down the main streets and visit all the charming restaurants and cafe's. It is especially nice in summer, when you can drink a cocktail outside whilst enjoying the view on the Eiffel Tower.

     If you're short on money and you find Paris accommodations too expensive, try finding a hotel in towns surrounding central Paris. An example of such town is Val d'Europe, which has an easy access to central Paris, as well as is ridiculously close to the Disneyland Resort, so it might be worth looking into.

     Overall, Paris is a place you have to visit at least once in your lifetime! It is very romantic, the architecture is amazing and although it is a bit pricey, you won't regret it ;)

Monday, 23 November 2015



     I  went to Croatia in July this year for a week. The town of Split is situated on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, and being the largest city in the area it is very popular among tourists.

     If you're the kind of person that likes to lay on the beach for hours, do not go to Split, as the beaches are rocky and it is highly uncomfortable to lay on them. I found it very difficult to relax, definitely not going to a rocky beach again!

     The water wasn't warm either, which I found really surprising, but that might be because I spent most time at a small bay, where the beach wasn't crowded. So if you do want the water to be warm, follow the crowd! Also, There are rocks in the sea as well, so either wear appropriate shoes (you can buy them on the way to the beach for around 50 kuna) or be very careful not to cut your foot.

     The town center of Split is small but charming, with many restaurants and souvenir shops overlooking the gorgeous sea. 

     Be sure to find a sightseeing point right in the middle of the old town, where you can enjoy a breath-taking view on Split.

     Don't be shocked with the prices when you see a drink costs 50 kuna, as this is equivalent to around £5. So do visit the local restaurants, especially in the evening, as you will also be able to enjoy some entertainment shows that are frequently put on.

     A good spot for a night out is a bar on the corner, opposite the entrance to the high street, where quality music is played up until around 4am. More towards a beach there is another club with two rooms playing different genres of music, which is open until 6am!

     I would strongly advise you to visit the Krka Waterfalls. You can purchase an excursion in any of the travel agencies around town, but do make sure you do a little research as the prices vary a lot, and at the end of the day you want to get the best deal. The waterfalls are inside a National Park, which you can also explore. Don't forget to take your swimming costume as you will be able to swim in the waterfalls. The price of most excursions don't include an entry ticket to the National Park, but if you're a student, there is a 10% discount with your student card.

     If you're planning to visit Split in July, check out the dates of the Ultra Music Festival, as it usually happens during that time. It is one of the biggest festivals in Europe, gathering the fans of Electro, House and Trance music from all around the world! The festival lasts 3 days and it is such a great, unforgettable experience!

     Word of advice, do plan your trip ahead, especially if you will be going on holiday during the festival period, as it is hard to find accommodation because most places are booked, and trust me you do not want to be living on the other side of town, and walk about 50 minutes to get to the beach ;)

     Overall, Split is a really nice destination to visit. It kind of reminded me of Poland a lot from the architecture. I personally wouldn't return but I know a lot of people who fell in love with this city!

Thursday, 29 October 2015



     I went to Swieradów-Zdrój in June this year for a weekend away with my family. It is a popular town for tourist with health issues in south-western Poland right next to the boarder with Czech Republic.

     It is situated it the Jizera Mountains, which are part of the Sudetes range, so this place is perfect for climbing lowers. For those who don't particularly like the long walks up the hill but like to admire some beautiful views, don't worry, it has a ropeway!

     The town centre is really small and charming with many souvenir shops and restaurants, a perfect place to go to in the afternoon.

     Look out for a water fountain with four frogs. If you touch a specific from whilst the water is running, you will be blessed with either money, love, happiness or health!

         The town is full of  natural medical resources which enable the treatment of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, hence why it attracts tourists and patients since the seventeenth century. So if you are looking for a relaxing holiday with a chance to improve your health, Swieradów-Zdrój is a place for you.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


So break the laws of time, the moments can't rewind...

     I went to Hamburg just for a day, whilst visiting my friends living in Bremen, as those two major cities are not far away from each other. Hamburg is situated on river Elbe in the North of Germany. It is the second largest city in Germany and the thirteenth largest in European Union.

     Hamburg is more of a modern city with many new, tall buildings, however you can still spot the traditional architecture, for example an old train station.

     Next to the river there is a small market (although it might only have been there temporarily for the Christmas period), where you can buy beautiful souvenirs.

     Overall Hamburg is a beautiful city and I would love to go back there again to explore it further as 1 day wasn't enough! If you're looking to travel to Hamburg, make sure you check out the deals on EasyJet, as they usually have good prices from London airports.

Friday, 28 August 2015



     I went to Cheddar last weekend for a short camping trip with my uni friends. It is a large village situated in the south-west of England, just 9 miles away from the Welsh border. It was my first ever camping experience, so I didn't know what to expect, but I can honestly say Cheddar was a pleasant surprise.

     We stayed at the Petruth Paddocks camping site, which covers two large fields. It is the perfect place to stay if you DO NOT want to be isolated from the world during your stay. There are multiple drinking water stations, cubical toilets and showers, as well as a 'phone charging' point in reception. The staff is very friendly. A massive advantage of Petruth Paddocks is the allowance of on-site fires, which will keep you warm during cold nights.

     Be ready (I definitely wasn't) for heavy rain, and a leaked tent. Spend that extra time setting the tent up properly to avoid a wet surprise.

     Cheddar reservoir is a perfect place for an evening chill out by the water. It is only about 10 min walk from the village centre. It covers quite a large area, and the sunset view is beautiful.

     A must see when visiting Cheddar is the Cheddar Gorge. The entrance fee for an adult is £18.95, it covers 6 different attractions and is valid for ten years, so don't worry if you're tight on time, you can always come back! You first get a short bus tour around the limestone gorge in the Mendip Hills.

     You then go on to exploring the Cheddar Gorge caves, which were found by Richard Cox Gough in the late 19th century. It is an interesting place to see, full of facts and history. Before entering, ensure you grab an audio set (available in English, French and German), which deeply explains the history.

     Don't forget to get on top of the Lookout Tower. You will first need to climb 274 steps but it is all worth it, as you get a 360 degrees view on Cheddar.

     All the cheese lovers, this is the place where the cheddar cheese was invented! There is a a shop near the Cheddar Gorge where you can try all the different flavours of the cheese and of course purchase it for around £4. Overall I really liked Cheddar, it is a charming village and I wouldn't mind going there again.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015



     I went to Milan at the beginning of this month just for a weekend break with my friends. We stayed at Hilton Garden Inn Milan Malpensa, situated around the airport area. It provided a free shuttle bus to the airport, which came in quite handy, when trying to get to the centre of Milan, as there was a really good train connection from airport's terminal 1.

     Before entering a train in Milan, do not forget to make the ticket valid at a little machine beside a train track, otherwise you might find yourself getting fined. The centre of Milan is not that far away from the train station, it's a walking distance, you do not need to take the underground!

     A must see in the centre of Milan is obviously the famous Vittorio Emanuele II Shopping Centre with shops like Prada, Versace or Louis Vuitton at your doorstep. 

     Inside the gallery there is a picture of a bull on the floor (extremely easy to miss it, so watch out!). Apparently if you step on bulls balls and spin on it 3 times, it will bring you luck ;)

    Duomo di Milano, the Cathedral is situated opposite the shopping centre. It looks absolutely amazing, but be advised that if you want to enter the inside of the cathedral, you will need to be wearing clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. 

    Town Centre is full of weird people, constantly trying to talk to you, sell you selfie sticks or offering to take photos. Be careful not to lose your stuff.

     When in Milan, you need to try an authentic Italian pizza, it tastes delicious!

     You can also try out some Italian beers :)

     Overall Milan is a beautiful city that I would love to visit again, but next time I will go there when all the sales are on, for obvious reasons ;)

Monday, 22 June 2015



     Legnica is a town I was born in and lived for the first ten years of my life, hence why I have a massive sentimentality towards it. It lays upon river Kaczawa in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in southwestern Poland.

     Town Centre is constantly changing, giving Legnica a modern vibe about it. The are three huge shopping centres, where you will be able to find absolutely everything you need, from shops, cafes and restaurants to cinema, children's play area and a hotel.

     There are many monuments around town. The "Herring Houses" are one. These are colourful buildings in the middle of town centre, where fishes used to be sold in the old days.

     House "Under the Quail Basket" is another monument based next to the theatre, that is famous for it's original shape and texture.

     Poland is a very catholic country, and so there are many churches around Legnica, including the cathedral in town centre.

     The monarchy that used to occupy the town left an amazing castle behind. Part of it is now used as a secondary school, however you can purchase a tour around the castle in a group of no less than three Monday to Friday between 10am-4pm.

     If you're looking for a place to eat I recommend the Don Giovani restaurant in the middle of town centre. It offers delicious food and desserts. It has an outside sitting area, a perfect place to chill on a sunny afternoon.

     When deciding where to go before hitting a night club I would advise you to try the "Sky Light- beach on a roof" bar situated on the roof of the Gwarna mall. You can enjoy beer or cocktails whilst sitting on sand surrounded by a beautiful view on Legnica. However, be prepared that the cocktails at a bar are a bit more expensive than in other places.