Monday, 23 November 2015



     I  went to Croatia in July this year for a week. The town of Split is situated on Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, and being the largest city in the area it is very popular among tourists.

     If you're the kind of person that likes to lay on the beach for hours, do not go to Split, as the beaches are rocky and it is highly uncomfortable to lay on them. I found it very difficult to relax, definitely not going to a rocky beach again!

     The water wasn't warm either, which I found really surprising, but that might be because I spent most time at a small bay, where the beach wasn't crowded. So if you do want the water to be warm, follow the crowd! Also, There are rocks in the sea as well, so either wear appropriate shoes (you can buy them on the way to the beach for around 50 kuna) or be very careful not to cut your foot.

     The town center of Split is small but charming, with many restaurants and souvenir shops overlooking the gorgeous sea. 

     Be sure to find a sightseeing point right in the middle of the old town, where you can enjoy a breath-taking view on Split.

     Don't be shocked with the prices when you see a drink costs 50 kuna, as this is equivalent to around £5. So do visit the local restaurants, especially in the evening, as you will also be able to enjoy some entertainment shows that are frequently put on.

     A good spot for a night out is a bar on the corner, opposite the entrance to the high street, where quality music is played up until around 4am. More towards a beach there is another club with two rooms playing different genres of music, which is open until 6am!

     I would strongly advise you to visit the Krka Waterfalls. You can purchase an excursion in any of the travel agencies around town, but do make sure you do a little research as the prices vary a lot, and at the end of the day you want to get the best deal. The waterfalls are inside a National Park, which you can also explore. Don't forget to take your swimming costume as you will be able to swim in the waterfalls. The price of most excursions don't include an entry ticket to the National Park, but if you're a student, there is a 10% discount with your student card.

     If you're planning to visit Split in July, check out the dates of the Ultra Music Festival, as it usually happens during that time. It is one of the biggest festivals in Europe, gathering the fans of Electro, House and Trance music from all around the world! The festival lasts 3 days and it is such a great, unforgettable experience!

     Word of advice, do plan your trip ahead, especially if you will be going on holiday during the festival period, as it is hard to find accommodation because most places are booked, and trust me you do not want to be living on the other side of town, and walk about 50 minutes to get to the beach ;)

     Overall, Split is a really nice destination to visit. It kind of reminded me of Poland a lot from the architecture. I personally wouldn't return but I know a lot of people who fell in love with this city!

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