Tuesday, 28 July 2015



     I went to Milan at the beginning of this month just for a weekend break with my friends. We stayed at Hilton Garden Inn Milan Malpensa, situated around the airport area. It provided a free shuttle bus to the airport, which came in quite handy, when trying to get to the centre of Milan, as there was a really good train connection from airport's terminal 1.

     Before entering a train in Milan, do not forget to make the ticket valid at a little machine beside a train track, otherwise you might find yourself getting fined. The centre of Milan is not that far away from the train station, it's a walking distance, you do not need to take the underground!

     A must see in the centre of Milan is obviously the famous Vittorio Emanuele II Shopping Centre with shops like Prada, Versace or Louis Vuitton at your doorstep. 

     Inside the gallery there is a picture of a bull on the floor (extremely easy to miss it, so watch out!). Apparently if you step on bulls balls and spin on it 3 times, it will bring you luck ;)

    Duomo di Milano, the Cathedral is situated opposite the shopping centre. It looks absolutely amazing, but be advised that if you want to enter the inside of the cathedral, you will need to be wearing clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. 

    Town Centre is full of weird people, constantly trying to talk to you, sell you selfie sticks or offering to take photos. Be careful not to lose your stuff.

     When in Milan, you need to try an authentic Italian pizza, it tastes delicious!

     You can also try out some Italian beers :)

     Overall Milan is a beautiful city that I would love to visit again, but next time I will go there when all the sales are on, for obvious reasons ;)

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