Monday, 22 June 2015



     Legnica is a town I was born in and lived for the first ten years of my life, hence why I have a massive sentimentality towards it. It lays upon river Kaczawa in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in southwestern Poland.

     Town Centre is constantly changing, giving Legnica a modern vibe about it. The are three huge shopping centres, where you will be able to find absolutely everything you need, from shops, cafes and restaurants to cinema, children's play area and a hotel.

     There are many monuments around town. The "Herring Houses" are one. These are colourful buildings in the middle of town centre, where fishes used to be sold in the old days.

     House "Under the Quail Basket" is another monument based next to the theatre, that is famous for it's original shape and texture.

     Poland is a very catholic country, and so there are many churches around Legnica, including the cathedral in town centre.

     The monarchy that used to occupy the town left an amazing castle behind. Part of it is now used as a secondary school, however you can purchase a tour around the castle in a group of no less than three Monday to Friday between 10am-4pm.

     If you're looking for a place to eat I recommend the Don Giovani restaurant in the middle of town centre. It offers delicious food and desserts. It has an outside sitting area, a perfect place to chill on a sunny afternoon.

     When deciding where to go before hitting a night club I would advise you to try the "Sky Light- beach on a roof" bar situated on the roof of the Gwarna mall. You can enjoy beer or cocktails whilst sitting on sand surrounded by a beautiful view on Legnica. However, be prepared that the cocktails at a bar are a bit more expensive than in other places.

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