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     I went to Egypt for a family holiday in August 2011. Hurghada is a third largest city in Egypt located on the Red Sea coast. It is a typical family resort, attracting tourists from all over the world.

     The sea is very warm, perfect for long swimming sessions. It is important however that before entering the water you wear a suitable footwear (can be purchased in any of the Egyptian supermarkets) to avoid unnecessary injuries, as the bottom can be rocky.

     Egypt is a perfect place for diving. If you would like to discover a deeper sea life search for professional diving instructors, there are plenty of them throughout the city and are easy to find. Otherwise, you can dive on your own with just a simple mask. You will still be able to enjoy the view of beautiful plants and endless types of fishes.

     If you decide to try diving without an instructor, make sure you do not do it on your own and ensure to stay safe at all times. You also need to be careful as in some places, the sea level drops from shallow to fifty meters down.

     When going to Egypt, I would only recommend the all inclusive basis. Both food and drinking water is different to the European standards. It is very easy to get food poisoning if you decide to eat out in inappropriate places, where as at hotels the food is prepared under strict procedures, minimising the risk.

     I stayed at Jaz Aquamarine Resort, a 5 star hotel I would strongly recommend. It is situated right next to the beach and supplies multiple swimming pools, which prevents them from getting overcrowded. There is also an aqua-park designed for children and adults. In addition it has a couple of restaurants, including an a la carte restaurant included in the price of accommodation. Furthermore, the hotel has an entertainment team which provides regular daytime and evening entertainment, including water games, animation shows and discotheque nights.

     When staying at luxury hotels, you will be surprised how inventive the cleaners are with the towels. Below is just one of many examples I was able to find.

     Outside the hotel, you will be able to find many shops within a ten minute walking distance. I wouldn't advice going to Hurghada during the summer holiday months if you're not a fan of extreme heat. August was boiling! The high temperature does not affect you as much when you stay within the hotel area because of a nice cool breeze coming over from the sea. However, as soon as you decide to leave the hotel premises and go for a walk, you will regret your decision instantly.

     The sun goes down quite early in Egypt. By around 6pm it is pitch dark, which is very unusual. It makes you feel as if it is much later, which personally I didn't enjoy, as one of the reasons I love summer is the long days and late sunsets.

     If you ever feel bored of the sweet relaxation and want to try something different, you can purchase a camel ride on the beach. It costs €10 and the photos with this photogenic animal are included in price.

     Generally I really enjoyed Hurghada and was disappointed that I only went for a week. Although Egypt is a relatively expensive destination from the UK, I would definitely visit this place again but this time I would go in September, when the temperatures are still high, but you can't feel the heat as much. I believe this would allow me to go on excursions and explore the region further.

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