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     I have travelled to Jastarnia for my first ever ladettes vacation in July 2012. It is a small seaside town (although the size suggests it should have been announced a village) on the Hel Peninsula. It is a popular holiday destination that mainly attracts families. Previous tourists like to come back to Jastarnia, they feel sentimental towards this town.

     If you are a young adult, do not rush to the beach, as all the families take all the good spots in the morning. The beach is full and there are plenty of kids running around, shouting. Trust me, it is not an ideal place for a hangover cure. It is better to arrive in the early afternoon, when all the families leave for lunch. You will be able to find the perfect spot, where you can lay for hours, tanning and listening to the sea breeze.

     Jastarnia lays upon the Baltic Sea. This sea is not the cleanest, however it is safe to swim. Nevertheless, the Baltic Sea is very cold, even in the summer months, so prepare yourself for a thermal shock each time you enter the water. The waves are usually present, so if you like them, this is the place for you.

     Jastarnia is one of the few towns in Poland that has an access to both, the Baltic Sea and the Gdansk Bay. So if you get bored of the waves, you can walk to the other side of town to enjoy a more still waters. 

     If you're a person that likes to stay active on holiday, there is plenty of water sports you will be able to choose from. There are instructors available if you're a beginner and want to learn something new.

     The town is fortunate enough to have a fantastic pier overlooking the Gdansk Bay. I can honestly say that the best highlights of my holiday happened on that pier, moments I will never forget. 

     I would strongly recommend evening walks on the pier. The sunsets you will be able to enjoy are a breathtaking view. Once you see that beautiful scenery, you will be coming back every evening for more.

     Food is very cheap. You can eat a meal for as little as 10 zloty, which is roughly £2. I recommend trying pancakes served in one of the restaurants situated towards the end of the town. They are big, and fill you up really quickly ( I was never able to finish mine), and of course they are extremely delicious! You will be able to choose between a great deal of ingredients, everyone will find a taste for themselves for as little as 20 zloty.  

     When visiting a polish seaside, you absolutely must eat a fresh fish at least once. These are fished in the morning and delivered to your plate by lunch. Such fish is a little piece of heaven you won't find elsewhere in the world. This taste is unique.

     There are many events organised by the council during the summer. I was fortunate enough to see the dancers from a TV show 'So you think you can dance', and get a photo with them. 

     There isn't much happening in terms of night-life. There is only one club, where all the people go. It is open until 4am everyday, so if you want a place to dance the night away, look for 'Summer Club'. Instead of going to bed straight after the party ends, I suggest you go to the beach and watch the sunrise at least once, again it is an amazing scenery.

     If you're not looking for a wild vacation, but a peaceful and cheap holiday, Jastarnia is a destination for you. You can book fairly cheap flights from London Luton to Gdansk with Wizzair. I have met some awesome people in Jastarnia, which I still keep in contact with. I made some great memories that will stay with me forever and spent two perfect weeks with my best friends. I wouldn't choose a different destination for my first holiday without parents.

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