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Wish that I could stay forever this young, not afraid to close my eyes!

     Whether you're a young adult looking for fun nights or a parent wanting a relaxing vacation away from home worries, Lanzarote is a holiday destination for you! I visited 'Lanza' in July 2013 and I loved every minute of it. It is a small Spanish island situated in the Atlantic Ocean, part of the Canary Islands. Me and my friends landed in Arrecife, the capital city, based close to Puerto del Carmen (approx. 10 min drive). This comes in quite handy if you have not sorted out the transport to your accommodation, as a taxi only costs around €10.

     Puerto del Carmen is a small, charming town in between Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise. It presents a long, wide, sandy beach, a perfect place to spend all your days and get rid of all the trouble. Keep in mind that although the water in the ocean is clear and of a beautiful shade of blue, it is cold, even during the summer months.

     A long main street with multiple restaurants, pubs and souvenir shops runs through town's width. Anything you could possibly want is on that street, and there is no way you can get lost. If you're a technology addict, like myself, who cannot live without a frequent Facebook/Instagram checks, do make sure to search for restaurants with a free Wi-Fi connection, there are quite a few of them around.

     I stayed in a two star hotel, 'Plaza Palmeras'. It has a convenient location, five minutes away from the beach and the main street, right next to a supermarket but at the same time distanced enough not to hear the night-life if you are planning a quiet, restful stay. The apartment we got given was clean and spacious.

     All staff was competent and friendly, although the cleaner did not speak any English. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, pool bar and an internet cafĂ©. The internet access costs €1 per 15 minutes. 'Plaza Palmeras' is available on a self catering board only. It provides regular daytime and evening entertainment, such as karaoke shows, so being bored isn't an option.

     The nightclubs are all hidden in one spot, just off the main street, which makes your life a lot easier if you do not like staying in one place all night. I strongly recommend 'Nikki Beach Club', it is literally where I lived for my two weeks stay in Lanza. Not only it is open until 6am, I also was able to find quite a few good looking bar tenders. Most of the staff is Irish or British, therefore do not fear, language barrier will not be a problem.

     Do not be fooled on your first night out. The entrance to all bars and clubs is free, all you need to worry about is the money for alcohol. Beers are normally two for 5, whereas two cocktails cost 7. Look out for happy hour at the 'Atomic Revolution' bar, giving you unlimited drinks for only 10.

     'Paradise' bar and 'Bora Bora' bar are giving away free bracelets in different colours, be sure to ask for one at the bar when purchasing drinks.

     When in Lanzarote you definitely MUST try a caramel vodka. I can ensure you it is the best tasting alcohol ever but sadly it is only produced and sold on the island, you won't be able to get it anywhere else, so seize the opportunity whilst you can.

     Do not miss out on the boat party on Wednesday! The ticket price is 45, although if you get friendly with the ticket sellers, you're bound to get a good discount. The price includes a meal and unlimited beer/wine, which I believe is a fair deal. The cruise lasts around 4 hours, be prepared for contests and swimming in the ocean break on the way. I guarantee you, it's an amazing experience worth its price.

     Word of advice. Do not trust any signs you see. I have spent over an hour searching for McDonald's which was supposedly 5 mins away. When I got there, it turned out that only the Drive Thru is open. Making engine noises pretending I was in the car I eventually got to the window just to realise the lady serving me didn't speak any English. I've got to admit however that the McChicken sandwich I got after all the unnecessary hustle was by far the best sandwich I have eaten.

     Lanzarote is a volcanic island. You can go on a daily volcano trip for 40, and explore the island from the inside. Another important advice, do not plan on going on this trip straight after a night out. It is painful. At the beginning of the trip you are faced with a quick presentation, giving you a taste of how hot the magma is.

     You then ride around narrow roads in a coach around the volcanoes. You will be able to see 'corridors' that were once full of magma. A tape full of interesting facts about Lanzarote is played in the background, followed by restful music, ideal for a little trip nap. Afterwards you can explore the volcanoes whilst on a camel, just for €6.

     Next destination is at beautiful caves, where the dream photos can be taken. The water is crystal blue and the rocks give a pleasant touch to the plenary.

     The last stop is at a very unique wine factory. I'm not a big fan of wine myself, yet the free sample of the white wine they have given me tasted like heaven. There is also an option to try red wine if you prefer it. Again, this wine is locally made and is only sold in Lanzarote, so do not forget to stock up before leaving.

     In terms of food, you have got to try the the amazing smooy frozen yoghurt. You will be able to choose between 3 different flavours of the actual yoghurt. It is served in 3 assorted sizes along with many toppings, from sour to sweet. Anybody will be able to find their taste for as little as €1.50.

     Don't forget to find the old town of Puerto del Carmen. This place reminded me of Greece, with all houses being plain white. Blue or green window frames add the island some colour. It is simply beautiful, with all the narrow streets, old tavernas and historic buildings.

     Overall, I fell in love with Lanza for all the possible reasons, and would not hesitate to go back and see all the magical places again. And remember, what happens in Lanzarote, stays in Lanzarote.

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