Sunday, 3 January 2016


     I travelled to Manchester to celebrate the New Year with my boyfriend and friends. We chose to go there as we have not been up North before and it's one of the biggest cities in the UK, so we knew we would not be bored.

     Manchester is a beautiful city with many skyscrapers and modern architecture. It seriously feels like it is just a smaller version of London, it even has it's own China town!

     The city centre was full of beautiful Christmas decorations, it looked absolutely magical!

     If you are planning to visit Manchester on New Year's Eve, do not miss out on the midnight fireworks at Albert square. It's an amazing show lasting ten minutes, it's free and honestly I believe it is just as good as the London show.

     For the actual party we went to the Fifth Club situated on Princess Street. It has three floors, each playing different type of music so everyone should find something they like. Another benefit of this venue is the cheap drink prices. Jagerbomb was only £0.99, a bottle of Carlsberg or Fosters £1.50 and shot with mixer for £2.50!

     The places you want to visit are the Cathedral situated near the Victoria train station and the Art Museum near the Albert's square. Both places are very interesting and the entrance is free. Overall Manchester is an awesome city and I definitely would like to visit it again!

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