Friday, 19 February 2016


     I went to Poznan for a day back in 2011 to visit my cousin who was studying at the University of Poznan. It is a city on the Warta river in west-central Poland.

     It is most known for the renaissance building standing at Poznan's Old Market Square, formerly acting as city hall. The bugle call of Poznan is played daily from the City Hall tower. Furthermore, the main attraction of the city are the goats. Everyday at noon, the goat figures slide out from the middle tower of the City Hall and butt their horns for a minute, you cannot miss the show if you're visiting Poznan!

     Find Malta in Poznan! No, not the hot Italian island, but a popular recreation area in Poznan, with a lake, biking and roller-skating area, and even skiing area. If you're a shopaholic, right next to this amazing area full of attractions there is a huge Malta Gallery with numerous big brands, a cinema and a gym. There is another shopping centre call the Old Brewery, which has a very interesting architecture.

     If you're an animal lover, take a trip to the local zoo to see beautiful tigers, elephants and other animals. Overall Poznan is a nice city with an awesome architecture, and I would love to visit it again and explore more parts of it.


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